About Jabok

Jabok - the Institute of Social Pedagogy and Theology - was established by the Salesians of Don Bosco – the worldwide religious order of the Catholic Church whose mission is to educate the youth. The educational activity of the school is based on Christian values ​​and Salesian educational style, but the study program is offered to everyone regardless of beliefs or belonging to a church community. It is a catholic, ecumenically open school for all people of good will.

Our school educates in social pedagogy and theology, which is carried out in two fields of study - Social Work and Special Education. The study is offered in full time and distance forms.

Jabok aims to educate and train future social and pastoral workers, educators, leisure time educators, teaching assistants, teachers in kindergartens for children with special needs.

The aim of the study at the Jabok Institute is to prepare students for the above mentioned professions, based on scholarly knowledge and methods. At the same time Jabok educates students so that they can provide professional pastoral care. This study contributes to the holistic personal development of students within Christian values. Except for social work, education and psychology subjects, students are also educated in the fields of theology, philosophy, and foreign languages. An integral and important part of the whole study is placement in different social work organizations.

The school provides students with services of a school chaplain, school psychologist, and social and legal counselor. Full-time students can stay in a student hostel on school premises.

The endowment Fund Janua Jabok supports students in need and provides financial help according to their economic situation.

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